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Oasis Oil Tools Co., Ltd, is a water/oil/gas well screen manufacturer which integrates the research and development, design, manufacture and sell.


OASIS has nearly ten years experience on screens' production.
We deserve your trust.


We will still adhere to "A good screen makes a good well", and help you solve the problems in your well.

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Oasis now has more than 150 staff, among them 6 persons are senior engineer.

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china latest news about Application of well filter pipe

Application of well filter pipe

On December 2, 2019
The well filter pipe, is also called well screens. From its name, we may think that the main function is to filter water. In fact, the well filter also has other functions and characteristics. Let's go to learn more in the below: First, it can filter the sewage preliminarily, because there are many ...
china latest news about Happy New Year

Happy New Year

On January 1, 2020
We oasis bless all our friends happy new year. Wish you the very best of luck in your job, every successin your future endeavours, good health and a happy family!
china latest news about Detection By BV

Detection By BV

On December 31, 2018
Dec.6,2018, wedge wire screens and stainless steel screen passed the detection by BV. We OASIS' products are always worthy of your trust. Contact us now.